Black Legion Special Forces Pocket Knife with LED Flashlight #BV403

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The unique feature of our Black Legion Special Force pocket knife is that it has a built-in LED light that unfolds from the handle. This is your total utility knife when you’re out on a mission! The 3 1/4" black 3Cr13 stainless steel blade features serrations and has a quick assisted opening mechanism. The ergonomic handle is of black aluminum and features a special force medallion. The pocket knife also features a glass breaker and seat belt cutter. Batteries included! Important first-time use note: To prevent battery drainage during shipment, the built-in flashlight's battery compartment contains a small paper disk that serves as a barrier between battery and power contact. The integrated LED flashlight will not turn on until the paper disk is removed. Before using flashlight for the first time, simply unscrew flashlight top to reveal battery compartment, then remove paper disk and discard. After ensuring batteries are properly seated on contact point, screw flashlight top back on and activate LED by twisting.