Sabre Red USA Duathlete Flip Top w/Flourescent Arm Band, 1.8 oz #MK-3-AM-US

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Running, cycling or maybe both today? Doesn't matter, you need protection. Saber Red's pepper spray straps onto your bicep to protect you whether on foot or two wheels! The adjustable arm band fits securely around your bicep. The tear away design puts Saber Red's police strength pepper spray immediately at your finger tips. A strong stream delivery with a 15 foot range gives you safety at a distance. Upon contact, the compound can cause temporary blindness and severe irritation of the nose, mouth and throat. These effects disable the assailant long enough for escape and or contact of the appropriate authorities. The reflective arm band enhances your safety, alerting drivers and others. SABRE: THE WORLD'S LEADING MANUFACTURER OF PEPPER SPRAY PLEASE NOTE:
  • Possession and or use of pepper spray may be regulated or prohibited by law in some jurisdictions.
  • If there is any questions, check with your local police department.
  • It is the Responsibility of the Buyer, not the Seller, to ascertain, and obey, all Applicable Local, State and Federal laws in regard to the possession, and use of any pepper spray items.
  • Consult your local and state laws before ordering if you are in Doubt.
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